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Essen Germany
Christmas Market - 2012

Each year we try to visit a Christmas Market in Germany because they are always so festive. Market stalls are full of gifts to buy, ornaments and decorations that you might not see anywhere else. Then there are the food/drink stands with wonderful smells drifting through the air. Resisting the sausages, chocolate and more is impossible.

One of my favorites is the aroma (and taste) of Gluhwein,. In Germany this is a mulled wine traditionally made during the Christmas Holidays with red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and vanilla pods. After walking in the cold for a while nothing warms me right to the bone more than a cup of Gluhwein.

The photos below show some of the sites from Essen. Some are by day and others by night. I just wish I could include the sounds and smells too.

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Essen Germany
Christmas Market
Essen Market

Belgium Chocolate


Medieval Market

Fountain by Day

Canopy Lights

Ornament House

Church lights

Medieval Market

Medieval Wares

Sculpture by Night


America House


Medieval Market

Tree Lights

Star Tree



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