Once upon a time, not too long ago two artists' brushes began to glide swiftly across a canvas drawing pictures of long ago. The canvases came alive with castles, Knights and Damsels but with always something not quite right. You see, even though the artists' had never met they shared the same dream and in each of their canvases the same thing was missing.

Both artists had two things in common, a love of learning and sharing their artistic talents in a small but obscure electronic on-line University known as ZDU. In these electronic halls they would stop to admire each other's work and then quickly go on their way. As the days and months passed they found they shared many of the same dreams and would search each other out. First it was to discuss techniques or perhaps a new drawing tool just found. Slowly their friendship grew into love and their unfinished canvases came alive at last for they had found what was missing - Love.

It is with this love that we would like to announce to our family of friends at ZDU/SP the joining of:


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