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Some of the information you'll find on these pages is mentioned below.


This is the Engagement Announcement made in the Design Lounge of SP so that our on-line friends could be a part of our happy news. Most were shocked!!! Also you'll find congratulations cards and graphics we received.



Since Holland is famous for it's flowers, this section dedicated to them with pictures and graphics created with flowers.


This is the city in Holland where we live. In this book we have photos from around our town.



Pictures of our wedding and Honeymoon trip.. Also information about Comlongon Castle where we stayed on our Wedding Night.


We have some pictures from cities, towns and castles we visited and will be adding more photos as we travel around.



Here we have graphics, jokes, favorite links, quips and stories, relating to our life and experiences together. Please fill out the

Hein and I met in 1998 in a PSP Graphics class and have been friends ever since. On January 14, 2000, after we had decided that fate meant for us to spend our lives together, I traveled from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Holland to be with him. This site will be about our life together, beginning with the Engagement Announcement site we posted in the Graphics Lounge at Smart Planet through our Wedding, travels and fun graphics and quips about what it's like to be an American learning a new way of life and new language.

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