On this page you will find links to all the sights in the Travel Section. You will also see a link on each page back to this Travel Index, or you can use the name of the location in the menu above. We certainly hope you enjoy your travels with us throughout Holland and surrounding areas.


Muiderslot is a 12th MuiderslotCentury Castle which we visited in January, 2000. As it is not open to the public until in the Spring, we were unable to take tour the inside, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that the photos we were able to get were worth the trip.
Spring pictures will be added soon.

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On a rainy day soon Amsterdamafter I arrived in Holland, we travelled by train to Amsterdam. This is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands, but is not the seat of the government. One day is not enough time to explore much of Amsterdam, but come with us to see a few of the sights.

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Since Holland is known for Keukenhofits flowers, one of the first places I had to visit was the official gardens known as Keukenhof. I never knew there were so many varieties of tulips! The beauty was astounding and I've tried to capture some of it and a few of the sights along the way in this section. Be prepared for large pictures and lots of photos of flowers.

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Casteel de Haar

Casteel de HaarEach time we visit another place in Holland I say "e;Now that's my favorite place!", but I'm sure many people say that about Casteel de Haar. It's a castle originally built in the 13th century and rebuilt about 100 years ago with all the modern conveniences imaginable. It is a true fairy tale castle with a history including battles, romances, and intrigue. Come with us for a look at some of the sites around this estate and a little of the history.

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Utrecht is one of my favorite cities, Travel Utrechtnot only for it's shopping but it is to me one of the most lovely cities in Holland. I had the good fortune to go on a friend's boat for a cruise around the city canals. Click on the link below to join us.

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This is not the attack of the 50 foot bird. The photo was taken in Madurodam which is an attraction with 1/10 scale buildingsMadurodam and sights to see in Holland.

The bird is real, so you can get an idea of how small the buildings and model people are.

>>Link to Madurodam<<

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