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Seventh issue of Newsletter

October, 2001 - May, 2002

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Weather Report

     We had a relatively mild winter with not much snow and the few snowfalls we had were gorgeous. On the morning after the first snowfall the sun was shining so brightly that all of the branches looked like they were made of glass and I couldn't resist going out to take a few photos.
First Snowfall
     Finally Spring arrived and the warmer temperatures were welcome. Suddenly everything was alive with color. The crocus are the first to stick their heads up through the snow, then the daffodils and from then on everywhere you look there are new things blooming.
     If you haven't seen it before, I have lots of photos of the crocus that come up in the park near our house. Just click
HERE to see them.



      In early May, Helen Hille from the US came to visit and we had a great time. Helen has family who live in Holland and lucky for us she often plans a trip here. This year we were able to spend a little more time with her and one day visited the "Floriada" which is a huge flower show with exhibitors from all over the world.

     Helen also has a terrific web site all about the town where she lives in the US. The link to her site is: I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting.

Helen and Hein at Floriada

     Here's Helen with Hein in front of one of the indoor displays.

     And thanks to Helen again for sharing some of your vacation with us.

Site Upgrade

       This site is still going through changes and one of the things I'll be adding soon is a new Guest Book. The one that we're currently using does not allow your entry to be viewed immediately but is sent to our e-mail address and then we need to manually add your response. I have been saving the responses to the guest book for the past few months and will be adding them as soon as the new one is ready.
      If you would like to add a comment to the Guest Book you can be assured that your response will be there soon. Here's the link to the Guest Book in case you'd like to say something. Your comments are always appreciated.

Guest Book


      The photos below show some of the additions we will be adding.

Naarden, another beautiful little town which one held an important fort.

The Floriada is a garden exhibit which only happens once every 10 years and contains displays from all over the world.

Antwerp, Belgium
In May we visited Antwerp, Belgium for a few days and will be sharing those photos with you as well as some from the Zoo there.

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Family Addition

      In several weeks we will be welcoming a new family addition - a kitty. We've named her Buffie and she's a little dear as you can see from her first photos in her new Buffie Album. We'll naturally be adding photos of her as she grows and does cute "kitty things". Click the link below her photo to see the first few pictures we have of her.

Buffie's Album

Map of Sites

       Don't forget the map we've added with links to the sites to see in Holland. Click   Map of Holland

Map of Netherlands

      Naturally, you can always get to any page on this site by going to **Site Contents

Newsletter Archives

       These newsletters will all remain on the site so that you can check back and see what new has been added.
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